Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Crouch End Open Studios

This weekend is
Crouch End Open Studios. Last year I visited Sue Williams A'Court in her stunning home and came home with a little souvenir! If you'd like to visit her studio, she'll be open between 11 - 6pm on 8th - 9th May, at 38 Park Avenue South, N8 8LT. Tube to Finsbury Park (or overground to Crouch Hill), then hop on the W7 or W3.

Follow the link above to see all the other participants and locations.


  1. I love this so much it hurts. It all looks so calm and tidy and as I am currently trying to tidy the crap hole that is my office/craftroom/ childrens place where they pour glitter over everything, but most noticibly the carpet. Places like this inspire me. I will get tidy I will. I will just have to ignore the rest of the house in doing so. L x
    And more pictures of your visits please, I can live a bit vicariously.
    Rosa has just come in demanding that I change her. Has she not seen the washing/ironing pile. I can feel the palpatations coming on.

  2. laura, did you just use the phrase OMG?

  3. I want to live in London....nothing happens where I live! I want to be able to hop on the W7 and go! Hmph.

  4. I may have been getting a bit lax in my lexicon, not very ladylike is it? But yes I find myself getting all a bit too excited at the moment. It must be Spring.

  5. Plus OMG was required, she's just walked in fully kitted out in dirty ballarina outfit (with stain down front) and fairy wings and with chocolate snotty face. H's day of childcare.
    Laura x


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