Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden love / dee 9:14 / Flora

Hanging garden thingies

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I know this is probably the last thing you want to hear but I just found a great new blog (new to me, not necessarily new). Full of mid century aspirational goodness, as if we need more of that. Don't look at her etsy favourites if you don't want to go on a shopping splurge.

And check out these amazingly simple posters she found. So clever. (I can't figure out the Dallas one though. Any ideas?)

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The lovely and talented Flora is having a giveaway on her blog. Leave a comment and tell her what you'd like, and you never know, you might just get it!


  1. Fran
    Thanks for time lingering links, procrastination is divine. At least I look like I'm working...sshh
    Erm... Dallas=oil?
    Not that I know anything about anything or anything

  2. i suddenly feel really stupid. of course it's bloody oil! dur!

  3. never mind Dallas, obviously oil! come on Francesca! i struggled with the Mad Men one. but it's a glass of scotch isn't it? i thought it was a desk at first. doesn't even look like a desk mind. oh dear. i sound like someone's ancient and befuddled old aunt.

    they're good though aren't they? these new-fangled modern doodahs.

  4. yeah yeah ok. i was obviously having a very sloooowwww day! i've never seen better off ted or dexter. what are they about?

  5. Oh this is funny! I thought Mad Men was Don Draper's desk from above! So not entirely ancient aunt asana.
    I thought i should fess up!
    Aren't they fab though?
    I really love the six feet under one, not because it's a bird but because I LOVED the programme.
    *misty eyed and sentimental over tv*

  6. I am sooooo slow. Thanks guys for clearing that up. They were great though. Lx

  7. tears, sue ellen was always crying!

  8. anon also thinking a bit too far out of the box, like me. glad i'm not alone.

  9. Hi Francesca, I love this blog of yours- I died laughing about the 'kidnapped' girl! Take care-
    Annamaria :)

  10. Ti, I lost your comment, I'm sorry. But thank you!


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