Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Old horses

Starting to go a little stir crazy here with my little/big Gus and feel such a yearning to create. But with such little time it's hard to get inspired or motivated, let alone actually make anything. The only thing for it is to go through the archives looking at old works in progress and ideas never fulfilled, and see if they can spark something new.

This is maybe a year and a half old, some horses I was playing with.

I can't remember whether I was working towards a print or if they were just ideas. It could be a cushion but I'm not sure the resolution is high enough. I will keep you posted.


  1. ooh a cushion would be lovely, love the dogtooth one

  2. Definitely a cushion. Very nice.

    I sometimes worry that when Isla starts preschool properly in September, all the creative urges I've been stifling for the past 3 years will disappear, and I'll just sit at home watching Jeremy Kyle eating cake.

  3. flora, don't worry, i still have my fair share of loose women (ahem), but if you're anything like me you will rejoice at having the time to do ANYTHING! i bet there'll be no stopping you. x

  4. i adore these, especially the one on the right in the middle row. very cool.

    xo Alison

  5. 37 dont know how it happened but it feels good. real good:) thanks for your your comment:)

  6. thanks everyone. i'm going to try and find some time to work on them. x

  7. I love the horses, I think they would look beautiful on anything!
    and Flora I too am a little obsessed with the thought of Pre-school for Rosa in October. ME TIME! yay stuff might actually get done. L x

  8. I find the creative urge is much like the shopping paradox... when you have the money you can't find what you want, when you don't have the money, you want everything! I am very time-poor at the moment and I have so many ideas I'm bursting ;) ... so why am I reading blogs? Lovely popping in here as always but I hear my sewing machine calling me! Have a lovely weekend Francesca! Kx


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