Thursday, June 24, 2010

Been playing around with pattern a lot this week. I'm a world cup widow so I've had plenty of free evenings when I'm allowed to be totally unsociable and lose myself in the wonders over overlays. Finally doing a bit of stuff inspired by my swimming pool pictures from last year and the horses are seeing some more action too.

Have a lovely weekend all. x


  1. Hi
    I'm also a world cup widow and have been using the time creatively. Mainly attempting to use my new sewing machine.
    Love the work x

  2. oohh love that middle one...

  3. Your patterning is always so crisp and fresh, Francesca :) Loving your pool pics too. Kx

  4. I sense an octon/pool fusion. Nice!
    Hate the word fusion, couldn't think of another, the sun has simmered my brain juice


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