Thursday, June 03, 2010


We are big Playmobil fans in our house, as I was as a child. They've moved on from the hospital, but oh how I loved to attach their hands to the stretcher and deposit the patient to their bed, with removable sides. I like how they haven't really changed the design, not like other toys like Fisher Price. You don't see this goodness anymore. Anyway I popped one in my Things I like print a few months ago.

I saw this link somewhere...maybe fine little day, and wanted to share it, great pics of the Playmobil hotel/them park/factory in Germany. I love all the different coloured arms especially.

(Pictures by Clara Molden for The Telegraph.)


  1. So much fun :) My sister and I used to play with these little ones in the Family Treehouse :)... remember that one? Kx

  2. kylie that treehouse was my favourite. it goes for about 100 quid now on ebay! thanks for all you lovely comments. x

  3. Oh I really like this, Dx

  4. oh my goodness that's the best thing ever, wish i could hang out there....
    aahhh those stretchers, so much fun

  5. A belated Happy Birthday to Gus. I just discovered your blog a little over a year ago then. i remember being so surpised when he appeared on your desk - you had not mentioned the pregnancy since I started reading! x
    the vintage figures are ACE. We had them as kids with the fisher price caravan. Mum and Dad still have a couple left. Wonder if our boys will be remembering Ben 10 in the same way in 20 yrs time!

  6. Oh my, that is like, Playmobil porn!


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