Thursday, July 01, 2010

Chalk flew up!

I've got a thing about McEnroe & Borg. I hyperventilated when I saw Borg at Heathrow a couple of years ago, waiting for his luggage on the carousel like everyone else. I tried to follow him to the loo.
I love it when it rains at Wimbledon and they drag out those old clips. It's 30 years since the 1980 classic final, even when I was six I was completely captivated. If you're in the UK you can view Mac and Borg reliving the final on the BBC website.

There are some great clips on youtube, this is not from the final but it's still great. So many famous quotes are incorrect, I think 'Play it again Sam' and 'Come up and see me some time' are not verbatim for example. But he really said it.

Have a lovely weekend all. x


  1. aahh you've made my day!

  2. Another thing we have in common: spotting famous Swedish Björns at airports :-)

    I was crazy about Abba as a kid and entertained lots of fantasies about meeting them. (Of course.) During my college years I passed Björn Ulvæus at Heathrow once. I didn't think to follow him, though... (Mind you, I don't think I felt for him quite in the same way you feel about Borg. Understandably.)

  3. What a great laugh! I was going to comment 'You can not be serious!!!' and here it is... double smiles :) Thanks for this fab blast, Francesca. Kx

  4. Oh dear. I may have to get H a headband now. L x


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