Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please Give - and she did!

Remember this? Well, I made my fellow mid-century-twit Janne feel so guilty, (even though she hasn't seen the film and does not, I stress, hijack the relatives of dead people in order to sell their furniture in her posh shop) that she offered to offload some stuff onto me, in order to ease her conscience. I said "OK, anything to help a friend".

Thank you Janne! I love the little Porsgrund dish the best. X


  1. Hehe, what a lovely little collection! With you on the dish, it's a beaut, still haven't seen the film but it's on my to buy list when it's finally released on DVD!

  2. ooh ooh please can I have a close up of that little dish? Better still, just pop it in the post to me!
    Lucky you!

  3. Cool collection. How fortunate you are.
    I love the movie-clip. I hadn't heard of that film (but Denmark is sometimes a bit slow when it comes to movie releases:)

  4. So glad you liked it :-) And that it all arrived safely.

  5. They are just divine Francesca :)

    Just found this and thought of you...


  6. How lovely! :) The dish is sooo cute!

  7. You are VERY lucky! I am v envious!


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