Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Since Gus started walking and becoming a bit of a bruiser we had to move our big glass bottle from the fireplace. I was gutted because I loved it there and it was so lovely that it got so many sweet comments on flickr. It left a big white gap.

BUT! I found something amazing to fill (well, almost fill) its gap. It's this 1950s Abacus from Wooden Donkey where I also got my Galt toy.

It's injected a bit of much needed colour in the spot and is at the perfect height for Gus to play with too. I'm so in love with it. Such a find. Thank you Emma!


  1. Wow, it looks really good! I love the colours....and how nice that Gus can play with it too. x

  2. i have to give in sometimes. that galt toy was for me too but my boys seem to think it's for children for some reason! i now leave it on a low table in the study so they can play with it. x

  3. He he....always the way.....we have a couple of things like that in our house. Still, it's nice that everyone can get pleasure from them in different ways!

  4. I really love the big glass bottle but the abacus looks unique too! :-)

  5. I wish mine was all white now. This is so restful.
    Looking at your fireplace I'm not sure if it's deep enough for a stove before you start day dreaming...
    But it would look perfect. And saves money on heating bills too.
    I think you have to take into account the opening of the door etc. I am sure there is a solution to all that though. Maybe by extending the floor of the grate.
    I quite like the empty fireplace anyway! You could ring the changes with whatever takes your fancy...

  6. oh good point louise, hadn't thought of that. so much to think about. i too like the idea of chopping and changing what's in it, but ben's after a REAL fire and this is the compromise as i seem to be the only one concerned with babies around here. ahem!

  7. I dreamed of a real fire for so many years...it was my dream come true to get the stove but so many things had to be considered and first I had to get the chimney relined and it all cost zillions. I had to do it a bit at a time. When I moved in to my house (20 years ago ahem) it didn't even have a chimney as it had been removed to below the roof tiles and it has limped along for ever it seems...So many things to consider. Get an expert round to give you the low-down~then you know what you are dealing with. They're not too busy in August ;-) and yes, babies must be considered. They'll be in their twenties if you wait as long as me!


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