Monday, September 06, 2010

Home again

We are back after a week in the sun and trying to stop Gus from falling in the pool. We only had to rescue him once, not bad going!

Had a great old time down at the South Bank last weekend. We visited the Ernesto Neto exhibition, (I can't recommend it because it ended on Sunday, but I would have!) then we went on the Eye - I felt a bit queasy but the boys loved it!

It's good to be back but I had to 'mark as read' my bloglovin' account as the amount I had to catch up on gave me palpitations. I'll be catching up with you all soon. xxx


  1. Glad you had a great holiday. These photos look fabulous - so funny that they are of home and not your holiday spot ;) Kx

  2. Yay..welcome back. Best not to try and catch up, just start again!
    Great pics
    Love the running into a colour tunnel

  3. welcome back - and oh look! those enormous octons!!

  4. Welcome back :) Love the pic through the pink balloon (is that what it is?) You all look like you had an ace time :)

  5. Welcome back. I hope you feel refreshed and ready for autumn! I'd love to have gone to that exhibition. One of the boos of living where I do...planning a London move, so we don't have to miss out anymore. Your octons print looks great on Bertie's wall. Thanks again!

  6. thank you m'loves.
    kylie, i would love to share some hol pics but we've lost our camera. it's a complete mystery. these are taken with our old one, wih a teeny weeny screen! x

  7. Good to have you back. And what that a giant Octon sculpture?

    Also the first photo is really beautiful - mustard and dusty blue! My new favourite colour combo.

  8. Haha, that's exactly what I had to do when I got back from vacation.
    I find your blog fascinating, will be adding you to my Bloglovin' =)

  9. p.s yes GIANT octons!

    thank you vacantbench.

  10. hey lovely, what a shame about your camera! i'm sweating even thinking about that happening.

    wasn't the exhibit great? i still need to work through my photos of it, i've got quite a few similar to yours.
    did B swim in the pool?!


  11. x - yes of course! he couldn't resist swimming somewhere with a view of the london eye. great fun. thanks for the tip off, loved it. x


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