Friday, September 10, 2010

Ski jumpers / Back to School

Had an extremely productive day a few weekends ago after a spell of non-productivity, due to summer hols and no time. I'm designing some cards for Snapfish's new site Snapfish Publisher, so I stuck Dallas season 4 on in the corner of my laptop and got through about 5 eps while I worked on some Christmas cards. I got surprisingly into Christmas in the middle of August even though I'm not such a fan myself.

It led me to some ski jumper research, which led me to some lovely vintage ice skating posters.

image from

By the end of September I hope to have many new card designs including New Baby, Birthday and Valentine. I'll keep you posted.

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Does anyone else always get that Back to School feeling even though you haven't been at school for about 20 years?


  1. what an exciting project for you, well done! look forward to seeing what you create.
    i get the back to school feeling every year, i don't think it ever goes away x.

  2. These are delicious! And that poster is great too, I think Hank most definitely IS worth pursuing in those knits. Woof!
    Thanks for the heads up on the Print and Pattern thing too, very exciting! xx

  3. Love those jumpers and your designs. Funnily enough, I've just been painting some little fairisle jumpers not dissimilar for my egg people.

  4. I love your design. (And the ski card :-)
    Yep - my energy level also go way up come autumn :-)

  5. I love your design. (And the ski card :-)
    Yep - my energy level also goes way up come autumn :-)

  6. Love them. They are so simple and fresh.
    I think you should wear ear muffs on your bike rides though. I'm a bit concerned over you hibernating. Laura x


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