Monday, September 27, 2010


Just popping in to say my Snapfish mini-shop is now open on their site. There are a couple of Christmas designs and New Baby designs in singles or sets, most of which you can add a photo to. They look kind of sweet with a random stock photo baby in there! Much more to come.
I've also had a design chosen for their Pink Gives campaign. It's going to be made into notebooks, which I'm excited about, and 30% of all proceeds will go to I will post more info including the design when it comes out.

It's Gus's first day with the childminder today. Only 2 hours to start with but I am counting the minutes. I'm sure it will get easier and I will actually enjoy it and get some work done!


  1. Oh enjoy it enjoy it! Isla is at pre-school 3 mornings a week now, and after much initial wondering around the house unable to settle to anything much, I'm now quite productive in my child-free time! As long as I keep away from Twitter that is...

  2. Cute design :-) Congratulations on your shop items and for being chosen for Pink Gives :-) *yay* So great.
    Mine are at school all day long now and complain if I pick them up "too early" :-)) It's so great that we moms get the chance to gradually get used to this stuff:-) I'm still happiest when cuddled up completely tangled into their arms and legs in the sofa, not more that 0,2 inches apart


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