Friday, October 08, 2010

Recently acquired

White vase from Beebleboy at etsy.

Tea towel a birthday present from my sis, from New House Textiles.

It's absolutely grim in London Town today. Hoping it's better where you are.


  1. Lovely buys Francesca. It's raining cats and dogs here in Brisbane I'm afraid ;) Kx

  2. beautiful bits and bobs. thankfully the day has turned out nice :)

  3. Lovely buys Francesca! Yesterday was the dumps but today seems abit better- They said in the radio yesterday that we are about to have the stormiest winter since 195something!Oh well...!XX

  4. Hello ... just came ot your blog too!

    Beebleboy is my favourite Etsy seller. I've never come across a nicer person!

    I've gotten a few things from him and they're always perfect!

    You have impeccable taste.


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