Friday, November 05, 2010


I love a bit of hello. I saw this brooch over on Kerry's blog and it reminded me to post my recent purchase (from Cherry Cherry).

I like how matter of fact it is. Just hello. It's friendly and it draws friendly comments. Random people in shops tell me they like my brooch. I like that. It's a lovely word too, all curly and round and happy. Here's another hello I have my eye on. From pianobench designs.

p.s. check out Flora's great Hello theory in the comments section. I just checked on wiki so it must be true!


  1. oh my god i love that brooch, i am a sucker for brooches, love it, love it.....

  2. Totally with you on that one. It is such a satisfying word to write too.

  3. I forgot to say - I heard a story once that it never used to be used as a greeting, only as an expression of surprise (as in "Hullo, what's going on here?")

    After the telephone was invented, and it became more and more commonplace, there was a competition (?) to find an appropriate word to answer the phone with, "Hello" being the winnner!

    It's a nice story, not sure how true it is!

  4. flora, what a great story! i'll have to look it up. x

  5. So cute. I love it too :) Kx

  6. Very cute :) I have a yellow one just like that but it says 'rarr'... I think it just gets suspicious looks from people in shops ;)

  7. I like it a lot Francesca...and a nice little shop that it came from too. Plus, it brings out the friendliness in people! So all good. Hope you've had some nice cuddles with Gus. Thanks for your well wishes. x


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