Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This glass is very common in doors here in the UK. I think we had it somewhere as children (in St Mary's somewhere P? - just asking my sister!). I never liked it but now we've got it here and I've just noticed how pretty it is close up. Like snowflakes. I wonder if Flora knows what it's called.

BREAKING NEWS! Flora replies. See comments. Ahem.


  1. we had this in our front door at kenmare, must be victorian?. i used to love the texture, it was facing inside the house. i always saw them as flowers, but now that you mention it, they could be snowflakes. x.

  2. Stained glass person to the rescue!

    It is called Muranese, or sometimes Florentine. The original Victorian version (which that probably is) is the more beautiful with deeply cut flowers, but a modern version is still made which is also very pretty and comes in clear plus pastel shades of blue, pink, green and yellow.

    I use it quite a lot for backgrounds... e.g. here: http://tinyurl.com/32f2vpl

    I can get some for you if you ever need it replacing...

  3. flora, you are amazing. i love my blog pals! i hadn't noticed it on your little cow background before, it works beautifully. x

  4. yes, we definitely had it. i think it was in the windows by the main entrance to the building. i used to love touching it

  5. oooh, I thought you'd sneaked into my house and taken a photo! We have that glass in a window on the landing (house late-Victorian) - but then I realised it wasn't my window as it's too clean! Interesting to find out what it's called!

  6. Hi, just found your blog whilst drooling over your work on Etsy, I see we seem to have similar blog love tastes! I have this glass in my bathroom door, it's gorgeous. I always have to run my fingers over the bumps as I pass through it. Have a great weekend lou x


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