Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New-ish work in progress/ Happy Christmas

It is two years since I said "I think this will end up as a triptych...someday soon." We are getting there. I think I need to draw some new houses because I like drawing houses and I've used these ones before. Just laying everything out at the moment.

I am so looking forward to buying some wood and making again. I haven't done it since Gus was born but I think I'm getting my making mojo back. Just need the time to do it. I have so much in my WIP folder, it's silly.

*** *** *** *** ***

Still snowy here, I was in Budgens at 7am because our home delivery couldn't make it up the hill last night. (Have you ever heard anything so middle class in your life? I do apologise. At least I didn't say Waitrose.) Especially loving Kerry's family snow pics at the moment. She's loving it, even if she is running out of soya milk.

I will wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays wherever you are. I'll be back soon with more works that will hopefully make it beyond the progress stage. Thanks so much for your visits and comments, it really means the world to me. xxx


  1. A very merry Christmas to you and yours. I am very much enjoying the feeling of having finished all my orders for this year and flopping around the house (and snowy garden) with the girls. Looking forward to starting some new ideas in the new year though!

    Kerry's pictures are great - esp. the playground one!

  2. bloody hell fran, what's wrong with waitrose? first boden, now waitrose. am i resigned to a life as a middle classer???

  3. haha, i got so carried away with the waitrose thing i forgot to say LOVE the new work and very pleased your creative mojo is back. xxx

  4. Love your new ideas - great fun! Good snowman - he looks very cheerful! Followed your link to Kerry - great snow photos. But now I feel overwhelmed again - more new blogs to explore!! There are so many lovely blogs out there! My New Year resolution might well be to limit my blogging forays! Have a lovely Christmas, Abby x

  5. ahh, thank you my lovelies.
    lu, i just have middle class guilt sometimes. don't feel you have to take it on too! sometimes i just write a sentence and it makes me recoil! x

  6. I like the hula girl, beautiful sense of movement and joy.

    Merry waitrose and a happy abel and cole year.

    Miriam x
    PS your bookmark will be sent along after book club meet.

  7. I love your new work, both dimensional and flat. Very nice!

  8. I love these new works, Francesca! Really really love them. Can I have a prompt when you put them in your shop please? :) Just gorgeous.
    I am enjoying all the winter snow pics on so many sites. We were in a very snow-bound London this time last year... Helps me pretend I'm back again! Kx

  9. Have a wonderful holiday! They're lovely images - hope to see more soon!

  10. Love the snowman pic :) Hope you have a lovely Xmas my dear – I love both the hula hoop pic and the swing one too! x

  11. I like what I see here Francesca :) Happy Christmas to you!

  12. I'm so pleased your making-mojo is returning! These look super. Very excited to see more. Loving the snowman too. Thank you for your support over my lack of soya milk...I am now stocked up again..phew! We're not sure where in London we'll end up yet. Dan's family are North East, Maisie's dad is in your neck of the woods, but because we'll be renting, we're finding it's more affordable plus some nice schools in the South-East. Lots of quick decisions to make! Gus and Bertie should definitely play when we move anyway! Yay! Here's to a creative 2011. Have a lovely Christmas and thanks reading my blog lovely lady! (Longest comment ever) x

  13. I love the hula hoop and the swing images so much, they pop & spark, so lively. Brilliant. Thanks for your lovely card, it's on my desk.
    I think that virtually everything I say sounds middle class these days. i make myself cringe.
    My Desk?

    Have a really great time with your boys, making them memories, I envy you all with young children at this time of year but it is very hard work. Good Luck.

    Love and peace


  14. Thanks for your nice comment. My photos are based on luck, I have to say, not on craftmanship. But I'm doing my best to improve. ;)

  15. Heh heh, I've just spent most of the bloody DAY in Waitrose one way or another.

    I am going to make a necklace out of my numerous green charity tokens to wear my Middleclassness proudly!

    Have a lovely break, and see you on the other side x

  16. Happy Christmas Fran!

    If it helps I just sauntered across town in my Joules coat and had my hair cut and blow dried, before buying a tin of mixed bean soup and the Guardian from the Co-op.
    My new year's resolution is to be more 'street'.

    Have a wonderful festive break with your lovely lot! xxx

  17. you lost me at co-op!

    happy christmas/holidays to the lot of ya. thanks for all your sweet words. x

  18. What a gorgeous snowman Fran and LOVE the new art work, especially the hoola hoop girl!
    I hope you are having a wonderful break and see you in the New Year Mandy x


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