Friday, December 03, 2010

Patterned bauble decorations how-to

On an A4 sheet of card, print out some strips of patterns. These ones are about an inch wide.

Print on both sides.

Cut out the strips

Choose 4 strips that you think work well together and trim the middle two about an inch and a half shorter than the other two.
Pinch the 4 strips together, the two shorter ones sandwiched between the longer ones.


Pinch and bend out the strips from the staple.

Gather the other ends together, staple and bend.

Thread some cotton through, and voila, patterned bauble decorations.



  1. Oooh thanks! These are fab! I'm going to make some with Maisie. Very cute little helper (or hinderer) you have too! In fact (something you've mentioned before, the similarities), the back of his head reminds me of Bertie...same hair! I like your new stuff too. Hope you're keeping warm and aren't too tired! x

  2. So beautiful Francesca! What a great tutorial too. Love those bottom photos :) Kx

  3. oooooo now I know what to do with my printed fair isle I have been making in my spare time! It's quicker than knitting and I didn't know what to do with it, these are perfect..

  4. Great Tute Francesca
    I love your fabric design

  5. Great blog! Just stumbled across you. May well give these decorations a go at the weekend as it looks like we may be snowed in.


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