Thursday, January 20, 2011

New in - Playtime

Playtime is finished and in the etsy shop, a limited edition of five. Like my other triptychs, it's made of lovely chunky birch plywood, I then painted it white and started adding the texture.

The grass is painted, then I've used different papers - a lovely linen card for the dresses and dog's coat, and a perforated card for one of the clouds. The daisies are originally from a vintage wallpaper and the houses are inspired by the Painted Ladies.

I really loved working on this piece, and it feels good to have finally finished something I started two years ago! I've got more pieces in the pipeline, including an original paper on wood piece called Wishboat, that may also be a print. Here's a thumbnail.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend my peeps. x


  1. Yay! Lovely, as always. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. The little knitted chap and his boat is right up my street! xx

  2. Oh Francesca, I love it! Such a wonderful piece. Thank you :) Kx

  3. Superb, really like that it is a limited edition too...
    It is making me want to make...I am missing my desk

  4. It´s fantastic!!!
    Jumie from Germany

  5. Another few great piecies. Lovely!!

  6. thank you all. glad you like it, it was fun to work on. will hopefully be able to show wishboat later this week. x

  7. Happy New Year Francesca,
    Was lovely to get your comment. I've been trying to comment here but computer refused to let me post to you or Alicia until today... said it would accept my data! How dare it refer to my ramblings as date... nonsense is the correct term.

    Love your playtime theme, anything childhoody is a winner with me (when I was about 20 I let my boyfriend atone for ruining my daisy chain artwork by sending him to get me an ice lolly wearing a daisy chain on his head, he did the whole thing with a scarlet face and a sheepish smile which only made it all the funnier, he looked about 4 years old.)

    I shall depart now and peruse more of the loveliness on your site. So happy to see you are still thriving and having your work bought and loved.


  8. OOOhhhh how gorgeous.

    Congratulations on baby no2 ... I'm expecting in early June.

    I'm back on the blog after almost 2 years off ... about time!

    Well done on the beautiful works ... they're really lovely.

  9. It's most beautiful Francesca! Such a lovely piece! (and I must say that it's encouraging to see that you as a mum of two small kids can still find the time & energy to make such great art... sometimes I wonder for myself if I'll ever make things again you know! ;))

  10. thank you nina! it is the first really time-consuming thing i have made since gus was born. i have one free morning and evenings to work. you will get there i promise! x

  11. So nice to catch up with all the gorjois thing you've been making! Loving it all. xx


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