Monday, January 17, 2011

The ShaperMaker! then some waffle.

At last I'm the owner of a ShapeMaker, (well, ok, Isi got it for Christmas from his Uncle Jonny but it was on my Santa list too).

You can see why I love it - the chunky wood blocks, graphic shapes and colours - it's Divine! Plus it seems robust enough for Gus to build towers and knock them all over the floor.

Now, as for actually making anything, I'll let you know. And then we can join the fabulous flickr group.

&&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&&

I bought this. eek! It's either gonna be gorgeous...or dreadful. But I'm excited none the less. I might need to take it up as that length may not be particularly flattering on me but I love the details. And I do love yellow so much.

xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

Looking forward to seeing the Bridget Riley exhibition at the National Gallery. It's on until late May, so as Ben said that gives me plenty of time to forget about it, then freak out and rush out on the closing weekend. As usual. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


  1. Those blocks are seriously cool - I might have to go in search of some. Laughed at the comment re the exhibition - I often do that - remember just at the last minute!! (in spite of having it on the calendar!) Have a good week :)

  2. oh my oh very jealous am I??? I have wanted a shapemaker for sooo long. Maybe for when Bertie turns two, or I turn thirty three. And the yellow dress Etsy find. I absolutely LOVE it. I reckon it'll be fab (also jealous). Thanks for the Bridget Riley exhibition tip too..gonna try and make that one. Hope you do too! xx

  3. OR: we can go and see that no doubt excellent exhibition together when I come to London in March? (might be a bit later than first planned).

    Also, LOVE the blocks. You find the best stuff.

  4. janne, you're on. i'll wait for you. sounds perfect. x

  5. Love these blocks too! They are on my wish list. x

  6. That's so funny! I usually run in at the last minute like that for exhibitions too ;) I won't even begin to lament on how jealous I am... wish I could pop (or run) over too. Totally love the Shapemaker - a definite win-win gift there. I'm sure the yellow frock will be stunning :) Kx

  7. Fun!!The shapemaker seems made to beat the January blues!
    Ok. I want to see that yellow dress!!
    and I am super jealous of the exhibition!!
    Have fun Francesca!

  8. Oh the Shapemaker! I'm in love with it all over again. Isla won't be too old at 4 for it will she? Hang on, she's going to be 4 on her next birthday?


  9. The shapemaker may just be the perfect toy. How beautiful.
    Miriam xxx


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