Monday, February 07, 2011


Some doofus let me have a Pinterest account. I'd been holding off for a while but couldn't any longer, it's just so damn beautiful. So when Gus woke up at 5am today, I happily leapt out of bed to start pinning. Totally, totally addictive. Just what I need right now. Not. Now I feel the need to get everything I've ever, bookmarked, hearted, favourited, torn out and put it in one place. Pinterest. It's going to take some time, but it'll be so worth it...Won't it? Or am I completely wasting my time? Again.

If you're interested, my pins are over here. I think.


  1. Oh how gorgeous! I can see how it'd be totally addictive. Love your collections Francesca :) Kx

    p.s. have I told you my beautiful artworks have arrived? I'm all over the place at the moment, sorry if I haven't. They are just wonderful :)

  2. another addiction for sure, a sure fire way of getting lost in the black hole of gorgeousness the world web web has to offer, i'm there, with one board.... off to go find you x.

  3. yes, definitely worth it. i'm still looking at yours - 3 hours later - it's very important research!

  4. i go through large pinning phases and then is perfect for keeping images instead of zillions of bookmarks...and everybody gets a link back to the original which is VERY important to me. I hate it when artist's don't get credited. It's hard enough non?
    I am going to swoon over your pics now

  5. No no no, it's all relevant research, a modern day scrapbook and a good way of passing the time when up at 5am.

    I'm impressed at the amount you have pinned so far!

  6. Totally love the idea of this! All of your images are so colourful and inspiring, plus I now want half of the things on your 'wishlist' board! I can definatly see it becoming an addiction...dangerous stuff!

  7. love it, if yo feel happiness its worth it:) I don´t cut Lingonberrys hair. its to hard she won´t sit still. happy weekend

  8. I'm totally hooked as well. At first I thought "will I keep being this enthusiastic?" Now - months later, the answer is YES YES YES. I LOVE pinterest Sooo much beauty. In one place!!! Totally addictive :-) I'll go find you now :)


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