Monday, February 21, 2011

Red & White

Kerry did a sweet post over here about the red cropping up in her house. I'd noticed some red & white at our house too but here at the holiday house we're renting for the week, it is abundant. I often think of red as a bit dated, I think because it reminds me of the 80s when everything was red and black and white, for a whole decade! I wouldn't have it as a theme in my home, but it looks pretty amazing here.


  1. I completely agree about it being dated. It reminds me of bad red feature walls too! Little scatterings of it are fine though. I looked at where you're staying and said aloud "oooh, that's bloody nice' whilst on my own! Loving your montage though...I like the apple shot! Enjoy the rest of you week, and hope it's dry! But even if it's not, it looks like a nice place to be stuck indoors. xx

  2. I agree, but then it does always look so crisp and vibrant, doesn't it? Lovely reds. Kx

  3. god that looks amazing - bet gussy is having fun on those stairs. and it's got a light i've been hankering after for a while.
    remember when our room was red, black, white and grey?

  4. p - yes gussy is loving the stairs and banging the stairgates and climbing up and switching the dvd on and off and on and off. but it is such a fun house for them. and for us!
    yes our room was classic 80s. i was searching google for am image of our wallpaper, but it was too hard. x

  5. ooh, get you staying in chelsea on sea! looks stunning. sorry our suffolk weather was a bit shit - i didn't notice myself, we were too busy sunning ourselves in dubai ;)


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