Monday, March 14, 2011

I want to go to there...really.

Morning! I don't usually do interior design posts but when this chair popped up in a Poppytalk newsletter I followed the link back and back again to find this stunning space. I've already pinned it all over the place - Home products, Places & Spaces and I Want to Go to There. Somebody stop me!

Fire Island project from Alexandra Angle Interior Design. I daren't look at her other projects.


  1. I definitely see the appeal :) Most lusted items would be those dining chairs for me! Kx

  2. Geeeeoooorrrgeous! Lots of splashes of lovely yellow. What an uplifting space?! I love the outside bit with the half yellow/white (is it an outdoor shower? Posh)! I also love the bike. Dan wants to spruce my bike up and get it resprayed by the sprayer at his work. That's actually a really nice colour.

  3. hehe, I loved that chair too, the colours!
    : )


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