Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Modplants / Patterned inserts

You know I love a bit of yellow and grey right? (Told you.) Well I've had this illustration knocking around for a couple of years probably. First designed as a pattern, then turned into a cushion, and now it's a print. And...

a notecard set. With...

patterened inserts. Yes as soon as I saw this gorgeous image on pinterest I knew I had to follow suit.

So pretty and adds an extra special treat when opening an envelope, if i do say so myself. Unless they rip it open of course. Which would make me cross.

In etsy now.


  1. I hopped right to it! And (as usual) found such enviable deliciousness on your fabulous blog. Love the envelopes, adore the new cushions (big fan of 35Flowers), and lusting over your vintage finds. Hooray for blog comments. You're a long, loyal and much appreciated blog friend. xx

  2. Now that's what I call an envelope...
    I dream of beautiful post, I'm fed up with emails.
    I don't even read them properly. Bring back slowness, writing and mail. I've even started using a fountain pen..
    {can you tell I'm nostalgic & homesick?}

    Oh and I second what she says up there ⤴⤴⤴


  3. Pure class and style, as ever :)

  4. ooh flora, thank you! thanks all. x


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