Saturday, March 26, 2011

Unexpected Saturday post: Don Draper / Jens Risom / Chillies

So I think I may have had my head in a hole for the past few years but I have just discovered the blog the mid-century modernist. (When I say those words, I hear a certain music that I can't describe, like a self-inflicted synesthesia. It's kind of celestial, like angels are flying around.) Ahem, anyway, they have a great post on Don Draper's office, which since reading, I'm pretty sure I have been subconsciously channeling - colour-wise - in our sitting room.

And there's a feature on Jens Risom who is my new 'save up and splurge' designer. (Save up a lot by the way, over the coming years.)

Now, if you've got a spare 28 minutes (course you have!) and you're into (read 'obsessed') this kind of thing, you might like this film. Janne, I'm talking to you!

Just an aside - this is how we spend our Saturday mornings: I'm drooling over 1960s furniture and Ben is searching google streetview for a Mexican grocer in Bethnal Green, telling me we really need to get some chillies today. Different strokes.


  1. Oh dear, all I can think of when I see that furniture is my first home (back in the late 60s) They say what comes around goes around. I still can't get it into my head that what I grew up with is now 'vintage'. Great look though and certainly talented designers. Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do.
    Jenny x

  2. I had a feeling you were talking to me :-) Thanks for the links! Apropos: I got Mad Men season 4 on dvd yesterday... It's turning out to be a great weekend!

  3. thank you jenny, a lovely weekend so far. my grandfather used to scoff at people who collected art deco, saying it was far too new!

    janne, season 4 is verrrrrrry good. enjoy! x

  4. ooh, wish you hadn't drawn my attention to Mid-century Modernist, the links to ebay are particularly dangerous!

  5. You and Ben sound very similar to Dan and I....maybe me researching mid century furniture (or most recently, paper), whilst Dan is googling ‘how to cure your own bacon?’ or how to make panettone bread and butter pudding? (we just gained a panettone).

  6. mid century and zooey deschanel in the one spot - too much for me to handle! x

  7. of course don draper's office has yellow cushions! you were simply destined to lounge on his lovely couch eff. x


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