Friday, April 15, 2011

Blocks work in progress

I have taken little snippets at naptime and in the evening to start something new. Still enjoying the layering and textures I've been using recently on Boxes, Chevron and Dominoes (Boxes is going to be a print soon by the way so I'll post it up when I have a mo), this is a work in progress. It's inspired by my gorgeous vintage blocks from Monkivintage. I love the slightly worn edges, the painted wood and the square format. It's got a little way to go and I'm not sure about the colours yet but I'm enjoying the playing around.

Have a very lovely weekend all. x


  1. Gorgeous! Love the textures you're using, subtle yet sharp. Ouch! xx

  2. oh this is gorgeous. It's very similar to a watecolor that I did a couple of months back which is pinned to my wall... lovely!!! Have a great weekend x


  3. ooh yes, i spy it. and is that my modplants card too? x

  4. Hi! I love the layers in this, and I like the colours you have used too
    : )

  5. Simply adore you "blocks" series. Pure print love!


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