Monday, April 04, 2011

Giveaway winner / Selvedge Oui

Morning! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Congratulations to Blueberry Park for being my Giveaway WINNER! Please email me your 2 prints of choice and address and I'll pop them in the post for you tout de suite! Thanks to all who entered here and on facebook. I'm going to have a nose around any blogs I haven't seen before.

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Had a lovely and supremely English time at the Selvedge Spring Fair on Saturday. Mostly because I met me old mucker Tif from Dottie Angel. We've been blogpals for about 4 years so it was great to finally meet her. If you know her blog, she is EXACTLY the same in real life and it was just like meeting an old friend. We had a cuppa and I heard about all her exciting plans.

I also met the lovely Emma Lamb, who I've also 'known' for a while and the fair was the perfect place for her beautiful crochet. Yes it was a full on Granny Chic afternoon! Plus I got this little gem from Emily Maude's stall. I was just immediately drawn to it. Apart from 'Oui' it had Francesca Iannaccone written all over it.


  1. Really disappointed at not winning but very happy for Karen :) Your day at the Fair sounds so lovely and I totally love your new pin. Sorry for the moan, but it's times like these Australia feels very far away!

  2. I love that's so cool. Fran, I love everything you do, make and like. I may become your Single White Female. Can you send me a pic of your haircut so I can work on it? I'm going to look at all your links now. The new kitchen BTW is inducing lots of well jeals from me. I am becoming more & more fond of yellow when it's rich like that. It must lift your spirits all the time. Dreamy. {*}

  3. Hi Fran

    So love reading your blog and very jealous that you got to meet Dottie Angel herself. Been following her blog too and nearly burst with excitement that she was having a craft camp. Just trying to justify this expenditure to Andy who just doesn't understand that I would quite happily sell a kidney to go if necessary ;-) Loving your inspirational kitchen too - that splash of yellow makes me feel all happy. Love to you all and keep blogging. Zola xx

  4. hi zola! you've got to find a way to go to that camp! it would be so much fun. she's totally dottie and so lovely.
    lots of love to all of you. x

    louise - i would secretly love a stalker. x

    kylie - sorry you didn't win. sending love across the waves. x

  5. yay! you got to meet tif, that's such peachy news. so happy for you both xoxo


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