Wednesday, April 06, 2011

On. Woof Woof! Off. Meeoowww!

Poor, sad, neglected light switches.

Old, dirty and tired...

...with absolutely no sign of whiskers (for example). Until...

Woof Woof!


Fabulous Light Up Your Mood stickers by Henrietta Swift from new online shop Howkapow. I'd always loved the original set, especially the mustachioed fellow, but then I saw the Pets. The boys absolutely love them.


  1. Oh Francesca, this is so super cool! Wow!

  2. Cool as! I hadn’t seen the animal ones. I like them a lot more (even though I don’t particularly like animals). x

  3. Fantastic! Love these. Our switches are quite different on this side of the globe but I think they could look good here too... great find Francesca :) Kx

  4. Oh I love these! I'm looking at the switch above my desk and I think it definatly needs a little makeover now! Loving the Howkapow shop too, i'm a big fan of Matt Pugh's wooden animal lamps, the dog is particularly funny! xox

  5. Great idea + your prints are so beautiful.


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