Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Etsy Love - hownowdesign / Hoop Art

Love this etsy shop hownowdesign. Such an eclectic mix of loveliness. It was only when I contacted her to check I could use her images that I put two and two together - It's run by Abbey from the fantastic blog Aesthetic Outburst where she gets up to all manner of crafty things and also collaborated with Pistachio Press on these lovely cross stitch notebooks.

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Hoop art seems to be a thing at the moment. I keep popping up in treasuries with hoop embroiderers merriweather council and moxiedoll. And the wonderful fric de mentol also does embroidery now. This is gorgeous.


  1. Nice!
    Thanks for the cards, received and pored over and still not able to send them to anyone until I find exactly the right sort of person who won't overlook their beauty.

  2. ooooh thanks for all the links, LOVE that block puzzle and those jars! x claire


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