Thursday, May 26, 2011

This moment / Thanks Sue / Emma lamb

Lou does these 'this moment' posts, just a photo, no words. I'd like to join in but I'm not very good at continuing a series or at no words. But here's a photo from the other day. I love it when we all pile into bed in the morning, even though we do all end up sustaining some injury or other. I'm usually a 'happy' person but don't you sometimes get those moments when you are suddenly hit with pure joy, and you're all feeling exactly the same thing? This is one such moment.


And a big thank you to Sue for featuring my work yesterday.

oh p.s. Emma Lamb is blowing me away ith her stunning photos of her £1 thrift shop bowls! So inspiring.


  1. I can hear the giggling when I look at that picture! Gorgeous moment. I have seen a few blogs that do "this moment" - I think it's a lovely idea. The whole 'no words' rule is certainly an exercise in restraint!

    x claire

  2. Fabulous pic - looks like a lovely 'moment'. Those bowl photos are great too - wonderful! Abby x

  3. Great picture. I find it difficult to take pictures of these moments of pure joy, but you've managed.

  4. You are VERY welcome, glad you like the post

  5. Fantastic shot! Ahhh yes, we know the early morning mass snuggle in the big bed very well. It's such a sweet way to wake up. : )

  6. Snap1 My pure joy moments are often when all five of us are in bed together and I'm touching everyone else and then not to be left out the dog jumps on the top :-)

  7. Aaaw, this is so lovely. x

  8. Thank you for the mention my lovely! Glad you found my wee thrifty find so inspiring... :)
    Emma, x


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