Thursday, June 23, 2011

Details - Zoo & Little Green Shed

The gorillas and the giraffes always blow me away. I can't believe we inhabit the same planet.


My lovely friend Lou over at little green shed has opened up an etsy shop featuring her gorgeous photographs. She only opened it a week ago and she's already packing orders! That's pretty good going. I've been really inspired by all the outdoorsy stuff she does with her children, she always has great pictures of her allotment. And my favourite radishes photograph is in a set of cards here. Yes she likes details too.


  1. Gorgeous photos Francesca :) Best wishes to your friend too. Kx

  2. That is great going! Well done Lou.

    Love your zoo shots Francesca. The giraffes are my favorite too, they are so amazing, so bizarre and so beautiful all at once. And that long blue tongue, always a big wow. Love your pattern play in that shot. Fab!

    ps. Thanks for your encouragement on my last post, it really meant a lot. : ) xx

  3. Looks fab!I will go visit!

    I just wanted to mention the post office here is on strike- and I haven't received my goodies yet, but hopefully the strike will end soon. Can't wait!!


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