Thursday, June 09, 2011

Love the doodles

I love the graphics on the sole of my son's Doodles. I didn't know they were called doodles until people kept saying 'Great doodles!' And now every toddler seems to have them. Are the soles the same on all of them I wonder?


Still no new work. Can you tell? I have two wholesale orders plus getting ready for the Pop Up shop, so there's a lot of printing going on. Why do all the orders come at once? Hmmm? Answer me that!


  1. Oh this is strange! I've just commented on Kerry's post about Berties doodles as Rufus has the same ones. The tipi bow & arrow ones. Such cool dudes our small sons! Lou xx

  2. yes i saw! so what's on the sole of the bow and arrow ones?

  3. Oh I like what you've done with your slashes there. Very neat.

  4. Maybe the London Buses can explain?

  5. How funny... these are the ones our Rufus has too! Liking all the doodle related chat today.


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