Monday, June 13, 2011


Ben is reading The Last Child in the Woods so last weekend we did a bit of this. We don't have any real concerns with our two, they love the outdoors and exploring nature. But it's definitely good to get out of the concrete of the playground sometimes, and you have to make an effort when you live in London. After this they all got naked and muddy and loved it.

Hope you all had a lovely mucky weekend (of one type or another). I'm out of yellow ink, which means I can't do any printing - hooray! A whole morning of working on new stuff. I think I'm going to work on some cards or a little paper book of my beach hut photos. I know beach huts have been done to death but maybe as a little book they would be nice. I'm just thinking aloud now. Probably shouldn't do that on my blog. La-di-da.


  1. found your blog a little while ago. love your work. and the way you write about it and about your family. wishing you a lovely week. greetings from Norway.

  2. This looks amazing - where did you go? When we lived in London we used to sneak off to the seaside, even in winter - I just needed to connect with the sea every so often which was such a constant of my childhood... maybe there is something in that re the book?
    It's just been a long weekend - we get a holiday for the Queen's birthday here in the colonies ;) We went to our mountain retreat - long walks in the rainforest, loads of cups of tea :) We're all feeling totally invigorated too.... Must have been the weekend for it?
    Glad you had a lovely time too. Kx

  3. hi demie, thank you!

    kylie, so much i love about your comment, that you have a weekend retreat! that you get a day off for the queen's birthday and we don't!
    it's aldenham country park, just into hertfordshire i think. wood, lake, farm, adventure playground. great day. x

  4. Isn't it great to start with fresh concepts right after a good, fun weekend? The brain relaxes and comes up with some really nice ideas!Your beach hut photos are great, I am looking forward to seeing how this book will turn out.Have fun!X

  5. Ah mucky fun filled weekends, I wish! Ahem, you dont mean that do you! (he he, I shouldn't laugh). That photo is pure family bliss..boys having fun with their parents in the country, what weekends are for. Lou xx

  6. Oh boy Fran… that shot is now a gorgeous memory in your little ones minds. What cool parents you guys are!

    ps. I adore beach huts and can't wait to see your take on them.

  7. oh, i love that photo... what a beautiful momment! and nice place


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