Friday, June 24, 2011

New-ish stockist - Minor Mail. (OK, not new at all)

Yes not new exactly, I've had my cards stocked at Minor Mail for a while but I've just sent them some new stock and I wanted to draw your attention to what a sweet little card shop it is. My things are in great company, their stock also includes Darling Clementine and newly discovered Dicky Bird, who have the most gorgeous children's collection - 'cute' without being 'cutesy'.
And we had a sweet mention over at the lovely printpattern yesterday, which was a nice surprise.

I'll have my Beach Huts little paper book to show you next week, which I'll be launching at the Pop Up Shop. Wishing you all a great weekend. x


  1. Coolio. I like this little shop. We are big Dicky Bird fans. Maisie has some of Liz’s cards on her wall. I agree. Cute but not cutesy. Just how I likes ‘em. Your cards look great amidst all of these x

  2. I love seeing friends get the recognition they deserve :) Good on you, Francesca - fabulous news. Your cards are just ace :) Kx

  3. Fabulous, Francesca! Congratulations for it all!!
    Happy Weekend-xx

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment Francesca - it's great to be in such good company. Card designers unite!

  5. you're welcome! thanks for stopping by. my pal kerry at theseventytree just mentioned you today too.


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