Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cardboard Weather

Everyone's talking about the weather. Which is nothing new for the English but I have noticed that in the last 4 years we have had less a 'Summer', more a 'Rainy season'. Why? It's not Mexico for gawd's sake! I'm wearing out my little BBC Weather tab, where the forecast changes almost hourly. Seems not even they know what the hell is going on. Stuffed in the bottom of Gus's buggy you will find an anorak and brolly, but also my birkies for when we have a half hour spell of 25 degrees. Truly 4 seasons in 1 day. Anyway, this a much prettier way to view the forecast.

Steffi Gloor/Kurt Riedi

Select your city here. And view all the images here.


  1. That’s funny, I was just about to email you (having looked at my BBC weather tab) to see what we could do tomorrow.x

  2. Oh I love these weather forecasts, so much nicer than Carol's map in the morning! ...and Edinburgh is absolutely spot on for today ~ http://www.kurtli.com/weather/weather.php?city=19344&temp=c
    Emma, x

  3. Just a shame the forecast is the same for tomorrow... :(

  4. What a great and beautiful way for a weather forecast!

    (I just came back from Sweden: what a difference from west-Europe, I've seen quite some sun over there.)

  5. I miss talking about the English weather. So much more exciting than 'Qué calor'(Oh, the heat), which is the conversation starter here throughout the summer. You sound well prepared for four seasons in a day. Here people don't go out when there's even a hint of a cloud :)

  6. This is a very good description of Vancouver weather. We are having a wintery summer. Very wet, very cold, the forecast always wrong. Just like you are saying even they don't know what on earth is going on!
    Enjoy the variety I guess- that's the only way to get by!

  7. its a rainy weather here. and will stay so all week. but smiling are we ; )

  8. We've had the same thing happening here... some days it feels almost summery and then bang it's freezing again ;) Must admit, for winter, it's pretty nice. Laughed at your super-prepared buggy... complete with all the visuals of some amazing gadget machine :)) Kx


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