Monday, July 04, 2011

I hate you iPad! / nice print though.

Grrrr. I hate ben's iPad. They look nice but bloody infuriating. Wanting to change my spelling all the time. Not liking the word Grrrr. trying to change it to Greer. Like that's a word. Mind your own bidniss iPad! (seems happy enough with bidniss.) laptop has gone doolally again, it doesn't like being charged, or even having a battery for that matter so it's off to the genius bar at the Regent Street apple store again. It's going to have a cosmopolitan and some wasabi peas while it's waiting.

Above, my lovely new print from

You have no idea how long that just took me.

You can forget about any links or nice teal font.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Hopefully be back later in the week. X


  1. you make me laugh! I don't know why you persisted with the likes of "anyhoo" and "doolally" and "hmph" ...must have been the success of bidniss that tempted you to test the boundaries!

    Cute print. naughty ipad.

    x claire

  2. Ha ha, love it... so true, why do ipads/iphones not know the word 'grrr'?! Maybe that doesn't exist in apple land? Love the print too – so cute :)

  3. Naughty ipad indeed. Isn't Greer a word of some sort though? Germaine? Pam? hmph. x

  4. Bee, that's a name, not a word. Why would I want to write Greer? Stupid thing.

  5. What do you mean Greer's not a word???

  6. Ha! Not offended in the slightest. It gave me a good chuckle. I've had to explain my name so many times over the years and it thrills me to know the iPad knows it. And I think you're right that it's not a word...just a name often confused with a Swiss cheese x

  7. Oh, I feel your pain! On Henrik's ipad I have major problems because he writes in norwegian and me english so it' constantly changing my words in to norwegian! Grrrrrr indeed! (also for some reason the ipad makes me dizzy, I think it scrolls too fast!)

  8. Love, love, love the print. Computers do suck though.


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