Monday, July 25, 2011

Mostly family Stuff

Ben and Isi went camping on Saturday. First sunny day for ages, so that was a relief. Gussy and I built endless Duplo towers, I loaded the dishwasher haphazardly (put the forks and spoons where I damn well pleased)* and played Blondie. Gus spilt a bag of frozen peas and ate them off the floor. Then my friend Bee came over with beers, I forgot to have supper and went to bed with toast and Jerry Maguire on a channel I never knew I had. That's what I get up to when Ben's away. This is what he gets up to when I'm asleep.

*This makes Ben sound like the psychotic husband in that bad Julia Roberts film. He's not that bad. He doesn't measure the distance between each towel on the towel rail for example.


Overheard conversation that made me feel old:
Ben showing Isi his Lomo:
"It's an old fashioned camera Is. It's got something called film in it."

Ho Hum.


This nonsense serving to distract me from all the horrendous news over the weekend. It got into my head. Unfathomable. Instantly made me want to reach out to my lovely blog friends in Oslo. x


  1. The comment about the dishwasher really made me laugh. When my DH is away I get the biggest kick out of putting the spoons where the knives go!!

  2. Nice to have a giggle over my morning tea/staring into space routine. The news has been so awful I've had to stop watching it. I'm sure once upon a time we were spared the graphic images. Those poor kids and their families.

  3. dear Francesca! thank you for your compassion and kind words on my blog! we need posts that will make us think of something else. like "oldfashioned cameras" gosh! that was a good one!

  4. old fashioned cameras and film... oh yes, strange how everything moves on so fast isn't it!

    almost impossible not to let this weekend's news get to you. one of my best friends lives in oslo and I just can't imagine such horrible things happening there... so very sad.

  5. What a day, sounds great though!

    (The Norwegian news is so painful. I can't even believe it happened.)

  6. Reading blog posts (like this one) helps me take my mind off the horrible things.

  7. Cannot believe the awfulness of what happened in Norway - such a shock. I saw one post where they talked about reaffirming love and not letting it all spiral into hate. It was really inspiring actually.

    LOVE Blondie. Any chance I have I'm playing and dancing about ;) Saw a doco about them the other night - didn't realise she was the original colourful tights girl! Her outfits were amazing!

    Those photos are fantastic! I can just imagine the laugh when you found what Ben had done - that's so funny. Also had a great laugh about the "film" - very cute :)


    p.s. I happen to believe in the importance of a well-stacked dishwasher and that matching colours of pegs are used when hanging up the washing... nothing wrong with that! ;)


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