Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Etsy featured / New in / Giveaway

I said: What do you think of this picture for etsy featured?
Ben said: Yeah, it's nice.
I said: It's very 'etsy'.
He said: Put a bird on it!

I've trained him well.

I'm so honoured and thrilled to be the featured etsian over on the etsy homepage today. Etsy has changed my life so to have the folks there notice me and appreciate my work is really lovely. I'm also a little terrified because I write this blog as if I'm just trying to make my sister laugh, so to think a few more people may tune in over the next few days is a little bit 'Whoa!'. If you're visiting for the first time, hello! Lovely to see you here.


In other news, I've finally got round to making some A4 prints of my popular Modernist cards.

They are in the shop now. £13.75 for one print or £40 for the set of 4. That’s a pretty good saving right there! Printed on my lovely Hahnemuhle paper, they look really gorgeous. And now you can get to see the little details that are a bit too small on the cards, like the book spines.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<oooh more chevron dividers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Finally, to celebrate my etsy feature I'm giving away one of my 'Things I like' tote bags, as sold over here on

So hop over to my facebook page, 'like' the giveaway and I'll put your name in the hat. Ta-ta for now. x


  1. Congrats! It's a lovely interview.

  2. O Francesca I love your work! Congrats on the feature, I'm gonna pop over now and have a look (and please don't freak out for me reading your blog ;-))!

  3. Congratulations the interview is so good and hearing other people have made their passion their career gives me hope for my future! xxx ps that pic definatly does need a bird on it! love that video!

  4. congratulations! is always nice to be appreciated : )
    i don`t have a facebook account but i feel like telling you that i do love your work and i wish only good, possitive and creative wishes for you : )

  5. Eeeek so excited for you, I know how much this recognition must mean to you. Love the photo of you "hellooooo" and your new prints and the super duper chevrons. xo.

  6. Oh I am so excited and impressed with your lovely feature, if I wasn't already stalking you I would on the strength of that interview. You are Amazing. Well done and all that's left for me to do is angle for an invite to that summer house.
    Brilliant stuff....I can't bring myself to go to FB so I'll just cheer you on from here. "proud face" x

  7. Francesca you are being really nice! i do know that i am missing some good giveaways by not having a facebook account. but it has been my choise... so now you are spoiling me... not that i am comlaining or anything. you are kind to me and that makes me happy : )

  8. Congratulations, so lovely to learn more about you and your work, and your photo makes me want to wave and call 'Hello' back.........what the heck! Helloooooooo *waves*
    L x

  9. You make me laugh too :-)

  10. Congratulations on featured seller! About blimmin' time too!

    I'm always amused by your blog. And your comment you just left on mine.


  11. Congrats! I love your works.

  12. Congrats on your Etsy stardom - so very well deserved.
    This shot is v.cute! : ) The interview is fab!! xx

    ps. Did you make the lady bowl in the interview shots?

  13. hi alisa, thank you :) the bowl is the 'spoon' i mentioned in the interview, it's by susan disley. i think they should've probably put the credit underneath it too as it's not obvious enough.
    re bilbao, it is a giant puppy indeed, made from flowers. maybe it was also in sydney. it's now a permanent exhibit outside the gugg. x

  14. Thanks Francesca. I must have skimmed over that bit, was probably trying to read whilst stopping small children from swinging from the chandeliers. ; )
    Haha, I'd know that flowery puppy rump anywhere!
    As for an MOF (month of finishings) sadly it'll have to wait till we've finished our WOL (Week of lergys) : P

  15. Oh my, I was away so I missed your big etsy fame day, but I'm heading over to the blog right now to read your interview!
    Oh and the bird movie is hilarious (I have no idea what they're talking about... that definitely doesn't have anything to do with what I do! ;))!

    Hope you had some great sales!

  16. I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

  17. Well isn't this exciting! Love the 'put a bird on it' comment.

    Loving all the holiday snaps too! :) x

  18. was so excited to see your feature.
    v funny re the bird {am thinking owls for the very first time!!}.

  19. How have I missed so many posts! Sorry Francesca. I did actually see your Etsy feature and it was wonderful. Well deserved. Hope it's meant more traffic for you. Still laughing about the bird too :) Kx

    p.s. I've facebooked my lurve ;)


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