Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holiday snaps 1

Hello all! We're back from our summer hols in France and Spain so I have some photos to share with you. I'll start with Southern France where we spent a week with Ben's family in a huge, ornately decorated house. Then I'll fill you in on San Sebastian and Bilbao. We had a fantastic time but by the end of it, we were ready to return. We'd had enough of trying to eat while chasing Gus round a plaza, enough whining about being too tired to walk 3 minutes after leaving the hotel, and enough pintxos to last a lifetime. Coming home was like walking into our house for the very first time. Wonderful.

So here's a bit of France, where we swam in pool and river, visited markets and beautiful villages, and Gus and Isi were transfixed by their cool cousin Alberta, her friend Louisa and a yellow Uke.


  1. oh beautiful photos! You are so so lucky to have been away, smelt a foreign land and tasted their foods...I haven't been abroad for 10 years now and I miss it! Good to have you back tho. xx LOu xx

  2. Fabulous photos Francesca :) I love that feeling of coming home - you've described it perfectly. Welcome back! Kx

  3. the lovliest and cutest pictures i have seen in a long time : )

  4. Hi Fran,

    lovely to see all your holiday photos, you look like you had an amazing time, what a treat to go away for so long and but lovely that you are happy to be home.

    M x

  5. it's looking like a fantastic holiday!!
    would love to get to france again and spain for the first time. your kids are so cute.

    really know that tired of chasing around feeling!!


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