Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holiday snaps 3

On to Bilbao for the last couple of days and back to the amazing Guggenheim. Never mind the actual exhibitions, the building is so incredible you hardly need to go inside. But when you do you can't help marvelling at how on earth Gehry designed it. There are so many layers to it, so many different forms. I am obsessed with the point where texture meets texture, and there's lots of that here.

I also loved the Metro here. It's completely utilitarian, every station looks exactly the same - dark grey concrete, red sign, lift at one end. And so clean. Coming home to the London Underground felt so grimy and worn. But I guess it is about 100 years older. Then juxtapose that modernity with gorgeous old shop signage. I wish we kept our old shop signs here.

These chalkboard photos are from Camper. We have Camper here but whenever we're in Spain we like to visit. As soon as I saw the boys drawing on the board they reminded me of something French and late fifties. A bit Red Balloon but I can't put my finger on it. I took loads of pictures. It's also lovely as Isi has just started drawing, pretty much always superheroes but it is so lovely to see him gaining confidence in something he had no interest in before.

We shared a hotel room here which was ok (the boys had bunks) but not much room to swing a cat, and Gus was always opening the door and running down the corridor. Will he EVER grow out of this crazy stage? Honestly, we didn't have one meal where he sat down and ate, I chased him EVERYWHERE.

I'm glad you've enjoyed my holiday snaps. Coming home to London after the awful riots was a bit daunting. My father-in-law saved some newspapers for us and I got so emotional looking at the photos. But then at the end there were more positive images; hundreds of people volunteering with the big clean up, turning up with their own brooms. And a little girl sticking her note on the Why We Love Peckham board. Made me feel a bit better.


  1. I can see myself spending a few days marvelling at the Guggenheim as well.
    Looks like you had a fantastic holiday.

  2. your photos are so great!!
    both my boys did/still do the runner ~ little one is nearly 4 and i'm really hoping 4 is the end :)

  3. Wonderful photos, Francesca. We went to Bilbao when my 14 year old was only two, not long after it opened, and it was magical. The city itself was still a bit bemused to have tourists visiting. I'd love to see how it's grown. I love their Guggenheim - it's one of my favourite buildings in the world. Thanks for this :) Kx

  4. I want to go too! I think I can spot some Jenny Holzer art there..? Also, love the swirl on top of Isi's head :-))

    Ellis does the running too... We should get them together next time we're in London. Preferably inside a fenced area!

  5. yes janne, the jenny holzer is a permanent exhibit there. x

  6. I just been reading all your lovely holiday posts - so many fab shots - totally sympathize over the chasing, I don't miss that at all!

    I'd sooo love to go to the Guggenheim in Bilbao - What are you standing in front of in that top shot? Reminds me of 'Puppy' that stood in front of the MCA in Sydney, yonks ago. xx

  7. lovely pics, we keep promising to drive across and explore that part of spain, not managed it yet. I'm not really looking forward to going back to London this week either,our corner was rather badly trashed, however Lucy went clubbing in lovely down town Croydon this week so things must be getting back on track.

  8. Sorry for getting your boys mixed up. The swirl was of course on Gus’ head, but for all I know they might both have it :-)



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