Monday, September 26, 2011

New in - Grey and yellow

Regular followers will know I'm a big fan of grey and yellow. So when I was trying to make a print with just black, white and shades of grey I couldn't help popping a bit of yellow in. One day I would still like to make a black and white print. But it won't be this one.

Grey & Yellow Chevron A3 print in the shop.

Grey and yellow on the tube.


  1. Ooh Im loving the new print, grey, yellow and chevron stripes, very in! x

  2. Oh dear I think I'm in trouble... I am not supposed to be spending ANY money! Yikes!

  3. Considering the fact that I'm going through a yellow fase myself, it's almost needlees to say I Love this print!

  4. So beautiful Francesca! Kellie xx

  5. Really nice: I especially like the black and grey marks. Have to check out your grey and yellow board. It's also one of my favourite colour combinations. At one point we'll be bumping into each other taking photos of some obscure tube/ metro/ train station detail ;)


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