Monday, September 26, 2011

Pinterest jetpack

Never let it be said that pinterest is just a self-indulgent waste of time. Isi spotted this while I was pinning the other day and asked to make it. Voila! 5 mins craftiness and hours of fun, running up and down the road while I tried to keep Gus from getting run over on the scooter.

I've noticed in the actual how-to (which I didn't actually follow) she uses bottles and silver paper but it is just as good and super-quick with kitchen roll and silver foil.

Wow. That was such a 'mum' post. Next week - cupcakes!



  1. yes that really was a mum post - wow! very sweet though. maybe i could make a girls' version with glitter and pink chiffon!!! NOT

  2. He looks in his element! Love it. Good crafting Miss F...and quick too...that’s what it’s all about. How about some crochet next week?!

  3. Good job done! I have been wanting to try this and I think I just might now :)

  4. Looks bloody brilliant. A quick craft project to keep a child entertained for hours... totally win, win. Now tell for your next trick.. you have to spin a plate on your nose, whilst making homemade pizza and knitting a wooly hat? Come on... I know you can. x

  5. i do that at least twice a day lou. next!...

  6. That looks like so much fun! I think I want one :) x


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