Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer in Autumn

Summer is back in London. I have to dig out my nail polish again. I was not prepared!

Thanks for your feedback on the wip below. I might make it into a print. I'll show you another wip next week. Have a gorgeous weekend. xxx


  1. Nice blog you've got! It's the same here in Holland, finally some sunshine!

  2. The weather is just so crazy, I can't believe how hot its been! I was too hot in a t and jeans today...mad x

  3. It's been outrageous! We're in Paris now and it's the same here too... Not so great when you've travelled across the world with only winter woolies ;(
    Love these fabulous pics Francesca. Totally loving your new grey and yellow print below too :)
    Hope you've been enjoying the late summer... And that you had your nails done, of course! ;)
    Bissoux from Paris! Kx

  4. Fun...!Love your photos here- Have a great sunfilled then!:)

  5. We'll still got summer to with bouts of rain.. our leaves haven't even started to fall yet. Mother Nature's on Crack!

  6. Oh, enjoy every minute of it Fran believe me I'm craving a little bit of summer here. x


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