Sunday, September 18, 2011

Travels with a tree and a shed

Some images from my bloggy day with Kerry and Lou.

None of us took many photos (have a look at their blogs for more inspired pics) but there was a moment in one shop where we all had our cameras out pointing in different directions and I wished someone had taken a photo of us!

We talked about everything from birth stories to blogging. How we sit with our laptops on our knees for too long and don't care that we're getting burnt legs. How we'd quite like to stop looking at nice pretty things sometimes but just can't seem to stop. How, while we're on pinterest, our other halves look at bike catalogues and try to talk to us about bike gear.

So lovely to talk to people who are in the same boat. 3 cheers for invisible friends becoming real!


OMG Gus hasn't napped today, he's going kerrrazy! I'd better go...


  1. I want to go in those shops! Just as well I wasn't with you - too much temptation for the purse!!

    Pomona x

  2. It is soo inspiring to meet up with people with a blog-view. It's the creative way their minds work I guess. I love the owls in a row!

  3. Oh that sounds like a fun day!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who spends too long looking at pretty things. It's terribly addictive. I've justified it to myself by saying that it's all very valid research and development, and while I'm a little hampered by small children, better than watching Jeremy Kyle. So there. See you on Pinterest in a minute.

  4. Hooray, hooray, hooray! I like you owls too. Mine didn’t look right. It was a most pleasant day :) I hope Gus settled down ok x

  5. That sounds so cool. I love the idea of you three lovely women walking into shops with your cameras out. How intimidating for everyone else. Glad you all got along too! Things could have gotten awkward ... Kellie xx

  6. How fun.
    Bet there was lots of laughing!

  7. Totally forgot to ask you about your shed/tree day! looks like it was fun. I'm liking the look of the fat quarters, perhaps you'll take me to this shop?
    Thanks for your message on my blog :)

  8. kellie - no awkwardness. you get a feeling for people over time and they always (so far) turn out as lovely as you expected them to be.

    xanna - anytime! there's a cafe in there too. x

  9. Hey Francesca! It's been a while since I've popped over here - I had a bit of a break a while back and had lots of catching up to do. I hope you're well.

    Just wanted to say how cool it is that you all made the effort to catch up. Isn't blogging great? I bet you all had so much in common and the conversation just flowed so naturally... I kinda feel like blogging makes it easier to come across like-minded people. In real life sometimes it's not so easy. Geeky but true x

  10. claire - totally! sometimes it's especially hard making new friends when you're a mum at home and not going out to work every day. blogging has definitely given me more confidence in 'real life' and i think i find it easier to make friends now because of it. x


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