Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Own a Colour

This was fun. And for a good cause. You go to the Own a Colour website, choose a colour, name it anything you like and make a donation from £1 up. Your donation goes to Unicef. Plus...triangles! (in case you hadn't seen any for a while.) Meet Eliot.


  1. Yay.. this was so much fun. I wanna do another colour and name them after the boys.. x

  2. Lol this is the perfect way to get us colour/design freaks to donate! Who doesn't want a colour named after them?x

  3. This looks like fun - I always thought it would be cool to be the person who comes up with paint colour names (...for like, a day maybe, then it would drive you nuts!). Eliot is a perfect shade!

  4. Ooooo... I love Eliot :) What a fabulous idea!
    Love this. Kx


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