Monday, November 07, 2011

Accidental shopping

Managed to get practically to the exit door of the Tate Modern shop without buying anything, then suddenly they reeled me in with their handily placed 'Beautifully designed things that Franny needs immediately and can't to without' stand. Hmph.

Mobile Art - Papers, designs and instructions for 20 stunning mobiles. By Ayako Akazawa & Michelle Clair.

Christmas Home Stickers for Windows. From Nouvelles Images.

100 Postcards by Pantone

Hyperventilated when I saw those postcards. 100 POSTCARDS! in EVERY COLOUR! YES PLEASE!


  1. Ooh! Those postcards sound lovely, you could cover a wall in them... Totally digging that mobile set too. Yum xx

  2. How could you possibly have left without the cards?

  3. Fabulous purchases, love the christmas stickers! x.

  4. I think accidental shopping happens to me a lot.

  5. Lol thats exactly what happened to me at the V&A the other week! Had to exercise real restraint and just purchased one card, was tough!x
    ps thanks for the comment, I think the little nutella balls are mini doughnuts with nutella in them...yum!

  6. Lordi Lord! Those are some nice purchases! I have to get me some of those postcards and reckon Maisie would like the mobile art...little birthday idea for her there, thanking you :) Yes to Wednesday by the way...will text xx

  7. I can imagine you weren't able to leave this behind: great stuff!


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