Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas / Holiday cards in the shop

Here are my 2011 Christmas cards.

I hope you like them. They are probably my least 'Christmassy' card set so far but I kind of like their wintery simplicity.

I designed them like a vintage postcard, using a cold, winter landscape theme so that even if you're not in a cold country you can pretend you are. Not that you'd want to...hmmm...blimmin' hard to please everyone!

And there's a surprise inside, a vintage postcard layout for you to write your message on.

As always, you can mix and match my Christmas cards and there is free shipping if you order two or more sets of any of the designs.

Here are the other sets available in the shop.

Oooh. It's 11.11.11 Spooky!


  1. They're lovely Francesca :) Kx

  2. oooh i looove them. genius as ever. off to make a purchase!

  3. I really love them Francesca! I never send christmas-cards though, that's a shame.

  4. Love the cards Francesca - really beautiful. I have just bulk bought cards designed by Finn (8). They aren't as stylish though. May have to get a few extra..damn this Christmas business gets very expensive when you keep treating yourself!

  5. Bonjour!!!! Love these cards, make me want to yodel and drink egg nog! ahem! lou xx


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