Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coldpondwater - Ben blogs

Ben (the mr) has a passion for wild swimming. One of the (many) cool things about him is that on the way to work he cycles to Hampstead Heath and swims in the men's pond. Every day, all weathers. Even in the snow. Yes he's one of those crazy men people point at from the bridge. And he takes the most beautiful photographs, like this one.

He's just started a blog to record his time there and his flickr is here.

By the way, he sometimes signs in on my laptop and doesn't sign out so if you see a comment from coldpondwater, it's probably me!


  1. Those photos are amazing!! Looking forward to following there too... and telling my Mr about your Mr. (Nothing wrong with a bit of manly inspiration!)
    ;) Kx

  2. Yay Ben! That's impressive.... the photo and the swimming.

  3. What a fantastic picture. That pond used to be on my running route and the men swimming there motivated me. If they can swim, I can run.

  4. that is a great photo, lovely rich colours


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