Monday, November 21, 2011

Folksy relaunch. Looking goooood!

Folksy has had a fantastic relaunch which has been a very long time coming. There's no point trying to sell beautifully designed things from a website that isn't beautifully designed itself, and in all honesty looked a bit tired and dated. (I feel I can say that now coz now it looks great ;-)) The front page needs to draw you in and great modern graphics will give buyers confidence that the shops are worth looking at.

They also have a posh new online magazine, with a Meet the Makers section (hello!) and a New Designers section, which is a great way to get noticed when you first join. And from a seller's point of view it looks like their listing procedure has got more user friendly too.

Looks great Folksy!


  1. I always thought it was the slightly less well designed english cousin of etsy and now it is looking fab! off to explore more...x

  2. Doesn't it look great? some great seller interviews too ;)

  3. Agreed, I'm SO pleased with the new look, and the Frankly magazine, which really feels like it has its finger on the pulse of modern craft.

    I've had good sales on Folksy and great support from them, and I'm glad I stayed when it seemed like a lot of my favourite makers and doers were leaving.

    Congrats on your feature too, very nice :)

  4. thanks flo. yes me too. i felt like closing it at times but because i had sales i stuck with it. x

  5. Ooh I hadn't seen that it had relaunched... it looks so pretty! Will go check it out in a min :)


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