Thursday, November 10, 2011

Instagram - collecting (almost) every day.

There's been a bit of instagram chat recently. Heather wishes she had it. Xanthe made
a movie about it, Marlous celebrated her 30th Birthday with it. I use it to collect moments and keep up with friends. It's made my friend Bee feel a lot closer. As I mentioned before, I didn't take that many 'real' photos in NYC, but I loved instagramming. It was perfect for capturing moments in time, for noticing little things. It also makes you look at things through grammy eyes. I might not have taken a picture of this for example, but looking at the pink I knew the colour would turn bright neon pink if I put it through x-process. And I knew the swimming pool would be dreamy. Personally I like Brannan the best. I use it most often and it makes me go ahhhhhh.

i love instagram from xanthe berkeley on Vimeo.

I'm still a bit guarded, I don't know why. I think that's why I didn't like twitter, I felt too exposed (but it's not like I don't put pictures of my kids up here. I think I forget anyone can see!), so my photos are switched to private but if you follow my blog and you're on instagram you can come and find me, I'm effieclicks. Or I post most of them in a flickr set here. Oh and if you haven't got an iphone or ipod touch, a little birdie told me it's coming to android soon. Plus there's article over here about it and this shows how to get some of the effects on your regular digi photos without it. (Both via skinnylaminx blog comments.)

p.s! Ordered some fridge magnets of our NYC trip for our friends from How gorgeous is this - My baby's life in magnets.

Ok. Bye. No really.


  1. Haha! I'm still smiling at Xanthe's vimeo :)) I wish I could be that natural and funny and 'out there'! I do have Instagram but having teething problems with it all. I'll get there one day ;) Thanks for the happy reminder. Kx

  2. Wow, wow, Stickgram! NOW I wish I had an iPhone :)

    So great to catch up on your lovely things. xx Heather

  3. Ahh such cuteness... v.v.cute... hmm iphone... hmmm might be time... hmmmmm


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