Thursday, November 03, 2011

This book - Ed Emberley

My almost 6 year old has never been into drawing. Then recently, I think feeling a little left out at school and not having great control with writing, he asked me to help him draw. I was so pleased and I thought the best way was to go back to basics, drawing shapes, because if you can draw shapes, you can draw just about anything. In a few minutes he went from not being able to draw a square to drawing 4 straight sides. He was so excited and pleased with himself. And then I remembered where I got this whole shape thing from. This book.

When I was a little girl I had this book. I don't know what happened to my copy but I had always remembered how fun it was, and how I would sit there for hours using shapes to draw different faces. And now it is the perfect thing for my boy.
Turns out I only had to type the word 'drawing' into Amazon's children's books section to find it.

And the marvellous Ed Emberley has a website here.


Thanks for your sweet comments on my little NYC postcard stream. Didn't take nearly as many photos as I thought but got lost in the world of instagram, which was just perfect if you're running around after kids. Highlights were tea at the Brooklyn Farmacy where Velma and the Green Lantern tried to solve a mystery on a vintage typewriter. And Isi's Wow face when we went to the Empire State. There's pretty much nothing better than seeing Isi go 'Wow!'

It was so great to hang out in Brooklyn with our friends and live their lives for a few days. Makes us feel even closer. The world is tiny!


  1. LOVE that book. always meaning to buy it for milly whenever i see it. great memories. i don't have it either, so god knows where it went!

  2. Thanks for the book suggestion. Someone gave me the one by Quentin Blake which I really like, but I think it's for older kids.
    Oh, and welcome back.

  3. Weird collective consciousness thing. I just added that book to Isla's Amazon wishlist last night!

  4. Think I am going to get my kids a copy of this for Christmas. Its sounds perfect - thanks!

  5. That is so true! I wonder how much of that has to do with being a 'visual' person? If you can see where your friend is in your mind's eye then you feel the connection is still there or something? I'm not explaining this well, but I think I get what you mean ;)
    Loving that book already - what a great idea. Yah for wanting to draw Mr nearly-6! :) Kx

  6. That's a great idea! My little six and nearly five would looove it! Fab Chrissy tip, ta. x


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