Monday, December 12, 2011

Tree up / Xanthe's videos

Good morning! How is it going this fine Monday, nearly ready for Crimbles? We got our tree up on Saturday and found it was the perfect place for our lovely Cable & Cotton lights, which had been lying around without a home for a while.

I love getting the box of decorations down, it reminds me of my childhood - the excitement! We did our usual festive thing, Nat King Cole on the turntable, letting the children start the decorating, then rearranging when they're not looking (come on, you do it too), trying not to drop the vintage glass baubles...Whoops! there goes another one...etc etc.

****************christmas stars*****************

Have you seen Xanthe's beautiful videos she shot during 11.11.11? This is my favourite, except I can't watch it because it makes me cry! I found it so personal, such a moment in time, beautifully captured. Makes me what to hold onto my little ones so tight.

Have a lovely week. I'll be back soon with a geeky collection. x


  1. What lovely videos! Love the idea too.
    The geeks sound interesting!

  2. Yay to Christmas traditions! Yes, I do it too, I rearrange every single decoration! Funny enough, I was on the cable and cotton site just last night selecting my colours for some of these lights. Couldn’t quite justify the spend though, so going to leave it for a bit. Hope you didn’t lose too many baubles! x p.s. Maisie and I now have the bug - i so hope you guys don’t get it - so sorry if you do! :(

  3. ha ha, so funny. we did our tree on fri pm. ella fitgerald's christmas tunes in the background, all very jolly, me trying not to shout when the kids dropped the vintage glass baubles. kids putting all the decorations on one branch and me removing them once they'd turned their backs!
    kerry, i too have been playing around with those cable and cotton lights for a few months now and STILL haven't checked out!

  4. love that video, thanks for sharing.
    I need to make something similar to save this point in time.

  5. Gorgeousness abounds here :)
    We've put up our tree but have only put lights on, awaiting the return of our little one from the beach (under strict instructions from the bossy miss)... (She's staying at the beach with my sister, in case you're wondering if we deserted her down there!)
    I've just watched all three of Xanthe's films... OMG they are wonderful. Yes, the first one is just that extra bit special, but they are all divine. I thought Xanthe had moved to the States? It looked very British to me (oh yeah and those signs saying London and the red bus were a bit of a give away too!) Anyway... rabbiting time is over.
    Lovely post Francesca :) Kx

  6. re friend confusion. tis bee who has moved to nyc. xanthe is still in london! pretty good listening though! x

  7. Awww thank you lovely :)


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